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Size Chart

Plus Size Clothing Size Chart

Utilizing sizing information can be a big help as you browse clothing online. While every designer and brand is different, here at Angel Heart Boutique, we value clothing that makes it easy for you to choose the perfect fit each and every time because it fits as amazingly as you imagined it would. Discover cute outfits that feel like they’re made just for you with our size charts.

Styles That Fits

We value connecting stylish clothing to all women, and we know how tough it can be to find amazing pieces that look great, are well-made, fit perfectly, and are well-priced. Referencing the plus-size clothing size chart on this page when you find a gorgeous tunic, pair of leggings, or beautiful kimono to love ensures that you’re ordering the best fit for your body.

Finding The Perfect Fit

We are dedicated to adding to the wide selection of clothing brands we already offer, and each may be measured and designed a bit differently. So, be sure to also reference the plus size clothing size chart or standard chart listed in each item’s description to ensure you have the most accurate measurements before placing your order.

At Angel Heart Boutique, we search far and wide for the unique items we offer. Our boutique size chart is based on general industry standards, along with the measurements used by the designers and brands that we carry. So, go ahead and envision your new favorite dress on your body before it arrives and have peace of mind knowing that everything will fit the way you want it to!

Size Chart Angel Heart Boutique

Measuring Tips

Measure the fullest part of your bust and make sure the measuring tape fits comfortably.
Make sure the measuring tape fits comfortably around the narrowest part of your waist.
Place the measuring tape below your waist and above your thigh. Make sure the tape fits comfortably around your body.

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