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6 Best Bathing Suit Covers For Women Who Have Curves

Posted on 19 July 2018

A plus size Kimono Beach Cover Up & More!

Summer will be here any moment, and for many of us that means swapping out our cozy winter wear for sexy swimsuits. And if you want to make a statement when you hit the water, you can’t just sport your suit -- you have to know how to wear a bathing suit cover up with style! Here are a few tips to get you started, from plus size kimono beach cover ups to wrap dresses you can wear all season!

For an All-Day Beach Vacay

While the warm summer temperatures may be inviting, they can be a struggle. I mean, who here hasn’t suffered raw, chafed thighs after walking around in a swimsuit all day? If you’re going to be spending the day at the beach, I suggest a pair of linen pants to keep your thighs safe! This material is super thin and breathable, keeping you from overheating. Even better, once the sun sets and you and you start a bonfire, you’ll stay warm.

For The Glamorous Poolside Look

The key lesson I’ve learned about coverups is to always wear them with confidence. And when you wear a sarong-style cover up, you can’t help but feel like a old-Hollywood bombshell lounging by the pool. This is a look that’s simple, yet elegant, and ideal for the woman who wants to feel like a queen. Just tie the silky or netted material around your waist and it fits just like your favorite skirt.

For The Day-To-Night Transition

A sarong or plus size kimono beach cover up is the perfect choice for an afternoon at the water, but what can you wear when your beach ensemble might spontaneously need to become your night-out-on-the-town look? A wrap maxi dress cover up easily transitions from day to night, so you can keep the party going with your friends and the men you guys met on the beach! Moreover, this is a great choice for women who want to dress more modestly, as it offers the most coverage.

For Playing Peekaboo

If you want to know how to wear a bathing suit cover up that really makes people’s jaws drop, look no further! A lace or mesh maxi dress over a bikini (or even a cute one piece) is the perfect mix of daring and delightful. You’ll still feel the breeze and sunshine while you have it on, and it won’t get heavy if you decide to sport it as you wade into the water. Just make sure to wear a suit and cover up in complementary colors!

For Bonfire Nights

Sometimes, a day at the beach turns into a night around the bonfire -- and it’s on those nights that many girls realize the summer can be rather chilly! Be prepared for those late night adventures with a terry cloth or cotton cover up complete with hoodie! This will keep you dry, cozy, and still super cute.

For the Bohemian Babe

If you ask me, the boho vibe is always best. And when you wear a plus size kimono beach cover up, you will easily look like a breezy bohemian girl. This look is one that’s very simple and effortlessly beautiful -- just slip on that flowy, floral kimono and let it do all the work for you! Trust me, you’ll feel better than you ever have at the beach. Plus, this piece can be worn with jeans and a tank top when you’re not at the beach. Find the perfect one for to match your suit at Angel Heart Boutique!

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