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Instagram Ready plus size Fashion Pictures: How to Find The Perfect Angle Every Time

Posted on 19 July 2018

If you wear a cute outfit, but it’s not on Instagram, did you really wear it? This is quickly becoming the most important question of our pop culture; and as fellow clothing lovers, frankly, we’re not mad about it. Finding your most flattering angles to create enviable plus size fashion pictures is an ever-evolving process, but let’s tackle some basics to get you started on your fashion journey!

Whether you’re taking a selfie, imitating a professional modeling shot featuring your favorite Instagram-ready fashion, or simply looking for tips about how to how to make yourself look thinner in pictures, let us help you step up your social media game in a snap!

Take Notes

The first step to creating great plus size fashion pictures is to take some (mental) notes from influencers you love. Follow a few on social media until you find ones that really click with your style and personality. Then, ask yourself why you especially love one or two specifically. Do you admire her use of color, her poses, or how she styles her outfits so effortlessly?

No matter what speaks to you most, identify one or two elements to focus on — whether it’s making your photos all about your clothes, your character, your sultry poses, or perhaps, your surroundings.

Use Your Space

Speaking of your surroundings, many portrait photos, though they focus on the subject, make great use of the environment. Whether you find a totally photogenic wall or a unique chair to pose on, have fun and don’t be afraid to interact with your space.

Take hints from plus size fashion pictures of Instagram models who have perfected leaning against a backdrop, which prevents awkward stand-alone posing syndrome and provides an easy way to balance. This is a perfect trick for beginners. Plus, having something like a brightly-colored door or a big palm tree in the image for size reference is a great tip for how to make yourself look thinner in pictures!

Experiment with Angles

The best thing you can do when styling a shot is to try a number of different angles to find your best light and flattering pose. Don’t limit yourself to head-on, overhead or hand-on-hip shots. You might surprise yourself when you see how stunning a plus size fashion picture taken from a lower angle makes you look taller and slimmer. This is one of our favorite commanding poses that screams strong woman!

Be Candid

Not every stunning image results from a carefully posed, brooding glare at the camera. Showing some personality and warmth in your posts can really make the viewer feel good and relate to you! Try some poses where you’re walking, laughing with friends, or taking part in an everyday activity like shopping for tomorrow’s OOTD. Your natural smile and focus on fun is sure to result in a memorable capture.

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