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Dressing For Yourself: Tips for Finding Fashion That Will Help You Love Your Body

Posted on 19 July 2018

Many people believe that the fashion world is ruthless and exclusive; either you look like the models on the runway, or you’re just not trendy. But the fact is that anyone can look like a supermodel -- if she has the right clothes for her figure.

How to Dress a Curvy Body Type?

These days, there are more stores that offer plus size women’s clothing than ever before. And as more ladies have access to flattering ensembles that helps them look amazing, more will learn to love their bodies. If you ask me, that’s a great thing!

Are you unsure of what styles will help you adore your figure the way you deserve? I have a few easy tips that will help you find the looks that best suit your shape. With these suggestions, you will feel bolder and more confident every time you shop -- and you’ll look simply gorgeous.

You Do You, Girl

Curvy girls can’t wear prints. Curvy girls can’t wear bright colors. Curvy girls can’t wear bodycon or anything else tight-fitting. It may seem like there are a lot of don'ts for the thick women of the world. But here’s the truth: it doesn’t have to be that way!

Any woman can make any outfit look incredible if it fits well and she wears it with confidence. When you feel happy and beautiful, you always look better. And every one of us is different; while I may feel happiest in a floral, kimono-style cardigan, you may get joy out of a leopard-print dress.

The first thing to do when exploring how to dress for your body type is throw out all the rules and learn what makes the person in that body happy. So go ahead -- ignore the fashion police and experiment with everything.

Understand Your Shape

I know, I know. I just said, “Forget all the rules, try everything” and now I’m giving you a rule. But here’s the thing: understanding your shape is an important part of learning how to dress a curvy body type. If you know which looks are more likely to be flattering, you can find something you love in that style.

If you have an apple shape (a smaller bust and hips with a rounder waist), you may want to look for dresses and tops in an empire waist style, high-waisted jeans to help define your waist, and long tank tops that hit below the hip bone.

For a pear-shaped individual (smaller bust and larger hips), some of the best looks include line skirts, wide-hemmed pants, and tops with lots of embellishments (to accentuate your upper half). You may even want to create looks with lighter colors up top and darker colors at the bottom for a sense of balance.

An athletic or straight build (you build muscle easily, and your waist, hips, and shoulders are all relatively proportionate), you’ll want to look for styles that highlight your waist for a cinched in look. Try peplum tops, high-waisted pants and skirts, or belted overcoats.

If you have an hourglass shape (large bust and large hips, proportionate to one another), fitted looks will suit you best. Consider wrap tops, v-necks, maybe even a jumpsuit or two! You can also look lovely in peplum tops or fit and flare dresses.

Of course, these helpful guides are not hard and fast. The more you explore your new style, the more you can deviate from the expectations and try something out of the box. But as you begin your trend journey, having an idea of your shape can make things easier.

Know Where To Shop

When it comes to plus size looks, not all retail stores are created equal. While some stores take time to create pieces that flatter the curvy figure, others just size up their other pieces and call it a day (if you’ve ever worn ill-fitting jeans in “your size,” you know what I mean).

If you want to master how to dress a curvy body type, you have to know which stores have the right clothes for you. Unfortunately, this is mainly a process of trial and error, but the best way to start is with a shop or boutique designed specifically for thick ladies (wink wink).

The Fitting Room Is Your Friend

There will be many times that you’re not sure if you can “pull something off.” First of all, put that out of your mind -- you can. But if you’re really not sure, just try it on! Once it’s off the hanger and on you, it’ll be more obvious how the piece will look.

I know the shopping experience can be difficult for many people, and often we just grab something in our size and head for the register. But if you take a little time to try on your items, you will save time (no more returns), save money (no more unworn clothes in the back of the closet), and you’ll feel much better about your style choices -- and your figure.

Get It Tailored To You

Sometimes, discovering how to dress a curvy body type means knowing when to ask for outside help. Retail stores are designed to serve the most people possible -- and sometimes that means that nothing they offer fits you just right. This is when you should pay a visit to your local tailor.

Having your clothes altered to fit your measurements is the best way to make sure everything you own fits you perfectly. Not only is this a great investment (you’re less likely to toss out old clothes when they fit like a dream), it will ensure that you look awesome in everything you wear!

Even better, we at Angel Heart Boutique offers true-to-size clothing you can be sure will look fantastic! If you struggle to find time to shop locally or just want the convenience of having great plus size ensembles shipped to your door, come our boutique and find something that will make you love your figure.

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