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10 Flowy plus size Tops Every Curvy Woman Should Own

Posted on 19 July 2018

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a loose, flowing tunic. These tops are everything I want in an outfit -- fashionable, flattering, and (most importantly) comfortable. It’s no wonder that my closet is full of them!

At Angel Heart Boutique, we know that when you dress well, you feel good. That’s why we provide curvy women with flowy plus size tops, including elegant embroidered tunics and kimonos. The next time you try to update your style repertoire, make sure these tops are on your list!

Something Simple

To breathe new life into your wardrobe, start with the basics. A loose fitting plus size tank top is the perfect staple-- it works great under cardigans, as an extender for shorter tops, or on its own for a casual feel.

When you wear a slip on tunic tank, you’ll be stunned at how often it comes in handy to add some flair to your favorite tops and dresses. Choose a few in basic colors, such as black, white, or tan, because these will go with just about anything you have in your closet already!

Something Versatile

Every fashionista in the world knows the value of a day-to-night look -- the kind of outfit you could wear to the office, yet still appear just as great when you hit the club or the bar for an after-work drink.

The key here is to find flowy plus size tops that walk the line between “sensible” and “sexy.” A basic tunic handles this brilliantly, with enough coverage to be office-appropriate but flirty and feminine enough for an night out! Again, try a basic color that will go with your slacks or jeans!

A Pattern to Play With

Did you know that, in the fashion world, leopard print is considered a “neutral” pattern? This is because it fits well with nearly every other prints, and that means you can use it to create some truly unique and wild ensembles.

If you’re brave enough to experiment with mixing prints (and you should be -- it’s so fun), you should invest in a couple flowy plus size tops that features leopard print. But even just one of these funky tops in your wardrobe can make you feel bold and sassy.

A Date Night Delight

While you may get a lot of use from your day-to-night tops and your loose-fitting, plus size tank tops, sometimes you really need a stand-out outfit for a special occasion like an anniversary, date night, or an elegant party.

Of course, a fun event doesn’t mean you have to wear something uncomfortable. Find a loose top that ups the ante with some lacy detail, sheer sleeves, or even a slightly lower neckline to create an ultra-romantic and sexy look.

A Pop of Color

Sometimes, you need a piece that really makes a bold statement. And what better way to draw the eye than with a pop of delightful, beautiful color? A white or black flowy plus size top with a floral or tribal pattern can be just the thing.

You can even pair a flowy cardigan with a basic undershirt that is a solid, neutral color (maybe the loose-fitting plus size tank top we discussed earlier) for an elegant ensemble that’s beautifully bohemian. In fact, the cardigan-over-tank top pairing is one of my absolute favorites!

Some All-Over Color

Maybe a “pop” of color isn’t enough for you. No problem -- Angel Heart Boutique has plenty of bright and bold flowy plus size tops just for you. With these colorful cardigans, kimonos, or tanks, you’ll be sure to have all eyes on you wherever you go.

For example, our Always Find a Way cardigan is the perfect blend of bright aquas, pinks, and oranges in a fun paisley-style pattern. This long, sheer cardigan works well over bathing suits or tanks, giving you the perfect summer outfit!

Elegant Embroidery

Another way to really upgrade your fashion is to experiment with different textures. Elements like lace or embroidery can transform a simple shirt into something that’s elegant and boho-chic -- not to mention totally cute!

Our Infinite Love top is the perfect example of gorgeous embroidery. This navy tunic features a delicate pink embroidered pattern, which brightens up the entire look and gives it a little extra charm. This piece can also be dressed up or down, making it great for any occasion!

The Shirt/Dress

Personally, I love flowy plus size tops that can double as dresses in a pinch. Find a long tunic or extender with a structured bodice and flowing or lacy skirt for those days when you simply don’t want to wear pants (admit it, we’ve all be there)!

This should hit just above the knees, which means it’s functional as a long top (paired with a pair of cute jeans) or as a short dress. It’s the ideal spring/summer ensemble, helping you appear fashionable as the weather gets warmer.

The Beach Coverup

Speaking of warmer weather, what do you wear when it’s time to hit the beach? Sure, you can go with a loose-fitting plus size tank top and shorts, but if you want to really make a splash, you need a cute cover up.

Try using a thin, long tunic that features stunning patterns, such as the leopard we all love, paisley, or even polka dot. Just choose a color palette that goes well with your suit. Best of all, a long tunic pairs well with a pair of jeans, culottes, or on its own as a dress!

The One-Size Stunner

Here’s the truth: very few of us stay the same size all year long. As you fluctuate throughout the seasons, why not try a one-size-fits-all blouse to keep you chic from January to December?

These flowy plus size tops can be designed to suit bodies from size small to 2X. When you have this top in your closet, you can make sure you look beautiful no matter your size!

But of course, when your closet is filled with flowy items from Angel Heart Boutique, being beautifully dressed is practically a given. Take these tips to our store today, and add the featured pieces to your wardrobe!

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