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plus size Fashion Trends You Should Totally Break

Posted on 19 July 2018

If you’re a curvy gal, shopping for chic clothing that fits well, is affordable, and looks amazing can be tough. On top of that, you can often be limited to the styles you are “supposed” to wear according to guidelines set by the industry and social convention.

But, fashion, above all else, is a freeing form of self-expression that allows you to show the world your personality while feeling and looking your best. So why would you follow arbitrary “rules” that limit the ways you can make yourself feel great? We don’t think you should, so here are some that we totally think should be broken in favor of creating our own plus size fashion trends!

Don’t Show Any Skin

We all probably have areas of our bodies we prefer to keep covered, but we reject the idea that curves should stay hidden under unflattering, high coverage clothing. Some of our favorite looks embrace the parts of our bodies that we love, and there’s no reason to avoid showing off a little collarbone, your toned legs, or a svelte midriff if you want to!

Learning how to create fashion trends that make you feel and look great can mean drawing inspiration from popular looks and adding elements that you already love. For example, we like the cold shoulder trend that is seen in some sweaters and summer dresses that feature an exposed shoulder (hello, no tan lines!) and oversized fit. This incredibly wearable style is the perfect balance of sexy and sweet.

Say No to Leggings

If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s every woman’s right to wear comfy leggings proudly! We truly think that there is no wrong way to rock these classic go-to staples, including with some of our favorite plus size fashion trends. Whether you’re just wearing your favorite worn-in pair of leggings around the house or dressing them up a bit for a girls’ lunch, plus size leggings are some of the most versatile basics to keep stocked in your closet.

If you love slipping into some cute athleisure with fun designs, classic black leggings, or chic leggings with fun patterns, let yourself embrace this look totally guilt-free. What’s better than a comfortable pair of pants that can seamlessly move from a morning yoga workout to a coffee date and errands?

Stick to Darker Colors

If we had a nickel for everytime we’ve heard that darker colors are more flattering and slimming...well, you know. We totally reject the idea that curvy women have to stick to this rule. Don’t get us wrong, we love a little black dress as much as the next gal, but especially during the warmer months, there’s something freeing and fabulous about rocking lighter colors. And you look great doing it!

Whether you discover a super cute white dress or fall in love with a breezy pastel-colored tank, don’t be afraid to wear it every chance you get. Your confidence will show the rest of us how to create fashion trends that defy those silly rules.

Avoid Loud Patterns

Over the years, we’ve seen over and over again that plus size fashion trends should avoid being too loud or busy, as they can draw attention to parts of our body that we’re not proud of. But part of being a confident, stylish woman means embracing all of yourself. From avoiding horizontal stripes to steering clear of small prints, we’re tired of being asked to limit our outfit choices to the plain and simple.

Keep an open mind as you’re browsing through clothes that you might have previously felt uncomfortable trying on. You might be surprised how freeing it is to wear a striped floral dress or a “busy” tank top in a few of your favorite colors. Mixing and matching patterns is a really fun way to play with fashion, so don’t deny yourself the opportunity! Embrace the change, keep your accessories simple, and you might just find yourself loving a new signature look.

Cover Up Conservatively

Often when we’re shopping for jackets and sweaters that have character and show off some personality, it can be a bit of a wild goose chase. Instead of opting for ho-hum simplicity in your outerwear, think of your favorite layering pieces as the perfect way to add some spice and individuality to your look. It’s a simple way to take plus size fashion trends to the next level and reject the idea that less is more.

For example, adding a gorgeous bold print cardigan into your wardrobe can dress up just about any look and take your everyday basics to a whole stylish new level. For a more subtle bit of texture and detail, opt for a lacey kimono in a solid, neutral color to add dimension and unexpected finish to your ensemble.

Don’t Take Any Risks

The last rule we implore you to break when it comes to plus size fashion trends is to avoid taking risks. Part of the fun is trying new styles, silhouettes, patterns and colors — some you’ll love and others will fall flat. Either one of these outcomes is OK! Everyone, no matter their size, should feel comfortable exploring when it comes to clothing. Don’t take anything too seriously, and, if you feel great in your ensemble, that’s the secret to creating all new looks.

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