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8 Plus Size Influencers You Should Follow Now

Posted on 19 July 2018

Best Plus size Fashion Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

If you love plus size fashion, but find yourself often overwhelmed by the saturation of social media influencers, sponsored posts, and neverending content that often occurs in our culture, we feel your pain! That’s why we’ve done the leg work for you and identified the absolute best plus size fashion bloggers who share real, relatable tips for finding gorgeous curvy fashion and are fabulous personalities you will be dying to follow.

Keep reading to discover some plus size social media influencers that you may not have known about before. One thing all of these tremendous leading ladies have in common? Each spreads a message of body positivity, acceptance, and pride in their gorgeous figures. Love it!

Diana Sirokai

Diana Sirokai is a stunning London and NYC-based influencer who gained some notoriety online after she recreated black and white images of Kim Kardashian West posing in a one piece bathing suit with the empowering caption “WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES.” Not only were her photos every bit as gorgeous as West’s, but Sirokai took the opportunity to celebrate their differences and individual beauty.

See Sirokai rocking everything from sexy bikinis to totally enviable looks and indulge in her inspiring captions. Follow her on on Instagram, @dianasirokai, to see why she’s one of the best in fashion influencers.

Nicolette Mason

Parsons School of Design alumna and overall Instagram style icon, Nicolette Mason, has a quirky and exciting sense of style that catapults her to the top of our best plus size fashion bloggers list. Mason has a unique look at the fashion scene and rocks cute, plus size boutique fashion on her Instagram, @nicolettemason.

Her looks often feature stunning outdoor scenery, retro-inspired accessories and close ups of her awesome tattoos. We love the edge and unique style she brings to the scene and her playful approach to fashion, makeup, and more. As someone who works on the back end of the fashion industry, Mason’s perspective on style is an interesting one, and frankly, we can’t get enough of it!

Chastity Garner Valentine (Garner Style)

Atlanta girl Chastity Garner Valentine, who goes by @garnerstyle on Instagram, is a pro at recreating celebrity looks that will have you taking a double take every time! She’s found outfit inspiration from divas like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey, providing her followers with gorgeous outfit inspiration.

We love how she balances her glamorous fashion shots with looks at her everyday life, making Valentine a relatable gal pal and simply one of the best plus size fashion bloggers that we can’t double tap on fast enough!

KhrystyAna Kazakova

A finalist on cycle 26 of Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model,” it was hard not to root for Kazakova — who simply goes by KhrystyAna on social media — as she slayed challenge after challenge, runway after runway on the popular reality television show. Though she came up short for the title in a controversial decision, her inner beauty and stunning talent made a lasting impact on audiences around the world.

Born in Siberia and amazinglyover the age of 30, this gal calls herself a body positive activist, which is just one of the many reasons why she’s one of the best plus size fashion bloggers on the scene. On the show, she wasn’t afraid to discuss everything from childhood trauma to the impact of showing off her stomach on social media, plus she’s a pro at rocking high fashion and casual looks alike. Follow KhrystyAna on Instagram, @khrystyana.

Allison Teng (Curvy Girl Chic)

The beautiful Allison Teng of @curvygirlchic on Instagram is the type of plus size social media influencer who deserves all of the heart-eye emojis! This true California girl loves fashion, beauty, travel, and food (so obviously we already love her!) and posts wearable fashion that we can always picture ourselves rocking for a special occasion or every day. We love her confidence, effortless style, and affinity for bold lipstick.

From amazing OOTDs (outfit of the day) to versatile and wearable boutique clothing pieces, it’s no wonder that Teng is among the best plus size fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Gabi Fresh

Sassy Gabi Fresh was discouraged by the lack of options for thick ladies when she was younger, so she started her own website, and eventually her own lingerie brand, to meet the fashion needs of curvier ladies. Since then, you may have seen her in numerous style features on Good Morning America and, of course, on her much-adored Instagram account, @gabifresh.

She’s one of the best plus size fashion bloggers out there because of her dedication and hard work to creating a space where curvy ladies can come together, support one another, and feel great about their bodies and fashion. She encourages her followers to take fashion risks and proves that any body type can rock any look with just a bit of confidence!

Ragini (A Curious Fancy)

Eccentric plus size social media influencer Ragini calls herself “unapologetically fat and femme,” a sentiment she truly embraces in the best way possible. She has a distinctly vintage vibe to her fashion sense, with a passion for all things DIY. We love the retro feeling @kittehinfurs has in her Instagram posts and can’t get enough of the unique patterns, styles, and accessories that she loves to show off.

Ragini’s distinct sense of style and charismatic personality makes her a no-brainer addition to our best plus size fashion bloggers list. But seriously, we need to know what filter she uses! You won’t regret giving her a follow, we promise.

Callie Thorpe

There’s a joy that exudes from our phone screens when we’re scrolling through Callie Thorpe’s radiant Instagram feed. Maybe it’s her infectious smile, her perfect mix of carefully posed model shots and everyday silliness that make up her page, or just her insanely beautiful sense of style, but no list of the best plus size fashion bloggers would be complete without a mention of Thorpe.

Like the rest of the plus size social media influencers who make up our top eight, Thorpe is a super positive spirit whose love of fashion is undeniable and totally relatable. Follow Thorpe @callitethorpe on Instagram for a dose of fashion, fitness, food, travel, friendship, and much more.

Now, take this list to your profiles, and add these ladies to your list of followed. Not only will you find a sense of camaraderie, you’ll find undeniable style inspiration.


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