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5 Fashion Tricks That Slim

Posted on 19 July 2018

Slimming Outfit for Plus Size Women

Curvy outfits don’t have to be unflattering and unstylish — in fact, there are plenty of cute and age-appropriate options that can be dressed perfectly for the occasion.Whether you’re self-conscious about your tummy or worried about your hips, Angel Heart Boutique has simple tricks for discovering slimming outfits for plus size bodies that you’ll want to wear again and again. So, give yourself a boost of confidence when it comes to fashion and embracing your body with some easy-to-remember tips for figuring out what clothes to wear to make you look slimmer.

1. Know Your Proportions

If you’re seeking to make your shoulders appear more narrow, your waist slimmer, or your behind just a little bit perkier, allow yourself to try on a variety of silhouettes, colors, patterns and shapes that play up the proportions you love most. If you have an hourglass shape, try accentuating your smaller waist with a top that pinches you in or by creating that shape yourself with a complementary belt.

2. Balance it Out

Bodies are dynamic, and we all have unique shapes. The key to slimming outfits for plus-size figures is knowing how to strike a balance between different areas of your body. If you have legs for days but a shorter or wider torso, for example, consider skinny pants that show off your stems and a flowy top that’s more forgiving and balances out your bottom half perfectly for a classic look.

3. Extend Your Torso

A smoothing tank top with some extra length is the perfect way to extend your body and make you appear taller and thinner. These basic pieces are perfect to keep in your wardrobe, are available in a variety of colors and layer seamlessly with your other favorite tops. Choose an extender with gorgeous detailing at the hemline to dress up your look and provide an interesting and beautiful element while creating a stunning slimming outfit for plus size figures.

4. Take it Sky High

Adding some height to your figure with a pair of gorgeous heels or wedges is a super simple way to create a slimming outfit that flatters in an instant. If you’re worried that your proportions make you look shorter or you just want your legs to have some more length, adding a pair of cute shoes may be the best solution. In the summertime, we’re all about a pair of cute and comfortable wedges that can take you from day to night in a heartbeat.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

While some patterns can be unflattering, slimming outfits for plus size ladies certainly don’t have to be boring. It’s all about finding patterns that seamlessly give you an exciting, fashionable look and don’t accentuate any of the features you’d rather go unnoticed.

When you’re shopping for what clothes to wear to make you look slimmer during any season, don’t be afraid to browse patterns that cinch your waistline, narrow your shoulders or add length to your torso. Patterns such as houndstooth or small, vertical stripes are a great intro into the endless options for gorgeously patterned clothing.

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