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Finding the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

Posted on 19 July 2018

Jeans for Curvy Figures

Every summer, that catchy Zac Brown Band tune with the lyrics “...a pair of jeans that fit just right” blasts over the airwaves, and it’s a sentiment that can be totally relatable or totally dreadful if you have trouble finding jeans for curvy figures that fit just right.

When you’re rocking a gorgeous full figure, finding curvy bottoms that fit beautifully and look as great as they make you feel, you’ll find inner confidence that shines through. We know it can be difficult, and even frustrating, to try on pair after pair of jeans and still not find your best fit, so here are some tips to live by as you discover how to find jeans that fit perfectly.

Not All (Plus Size) Bodies are the Same

Before you hit up a department store or start adding inventory to your online shopping cart, it’s best to know the basics about your own body. In particular, identifying your body shape or type can help you understand what you need to look for in all clothing, including jeans. Jeans come in all styles, lengths, colors and shapes (just like our bodies!), so take a few measurements and consult some charts to see what you’re working with.

Finding jeans for curvy figures that flatter you perfectly is as simple as knowing your proportions. Here are some easy ways to identify your body type:

    • Pear Shaped: Fuller hips and thighs; narrow calves
    • Apple Shaped: Fuller middle and longer legs
    • Hourglass Shaped: More defined waistline with a balanced hip to bust ratio; fuller thighs
    • Rectangle Shaped: Flatter bottom and little waist definition
    • Triangle Shaped: Flatter hips and bottom with wider shoulders
    • *Petite: If you have a shorter stature (usually 5’3” or under), you may be considered petite and may find it helpful to shop for clothing that fits these proportions.

If you’re unsure about your proportions, simply measure your waist, hips and bottom to determine which category you fit into best. As you can see, there are many ways to identify your body type — not all plus-size bodies, or any bodies for that matter, are created the same.

That means that not all pairs of jeans for curvy figures will fit and flatter perfectly. Keep reading for tips on how to find the perfect pair of denim for you.

How to Find Jeans Styles That Fit Perfectly

Now that you have a good idea of your body type, you can significantly narrow down the retail pool of jeans and other bottoms by limiting your search to pairs that come in specific styles that you’ll feel amazing in and won’t want to take off.

Pear Shaped

If you identify with a pear-shaped body type, you have the perfect body to show off your figure in a pair of rocking flared denim. Not all jeans for curvy figures are flattering in this style, but pear-shaped ladies like you will love how balanced your frame feels with a sassy flared pair. Style your flared denim with a cute pair of sandals and a tucked in tank or blouse for a chic go-to look that can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Apple Shaped

Apple-shaped ladies should be all about showing off their endless legs, and choosing styles that elongate can be the secret for how to find jeans that fit perfectly for you. Skinny jeans, straight-cut jeans, or a pair of comfortable jeggings that hug your curves are a great way to show off your enviable stems and take any unwanted attention away from your fuller midsection.

When shopping for skinny jeans for curvy figures, be sure they hug your legs and bottom and don’t have any baggy areas — this can throw off your lovely proportions.

Hourglass Shaped

Showing off your gorgeous, defined waistline in a pair of perfect denim is the dream for ladies who have an hourglass figure. If this is you, find jeans that will accentuate your small waist, like trendy high-waisted jeans or classic skinnies.

These options will give your hips and smaller waist the perfect balance and hug your things in the most flattering manner. Cuff your jeans — or try on a pair of ankle-length jeans — and rock some booties or heels to elongate your legs, and you’ll feel and look like a million bucks.

Rectangle Shaped

For rectangle-shaped ladies, identifying denim that gives your hips and bottom some shape is a great way to upgrade your wardrobe. Opting for jeans for curvy figures with a boot cut style can add some shape to your lower half, while adding a belt in a contrasting color to your jeans can help create the illusion of a curvier waistline.

As a rectangle-shaped gal, you’ll soon discover that the guidelines for how to find jeans that fit perfectly is more flexible for your body type. Just be sure to avoid any styles that are baggy and cause you to lose any defined shape and try styling denim with layered, flowy tops like blouses and blazer to balance out your proportions further.

Triangle Shaped

Triangle, sometimes known as inverted triangle, shaped ladies look great in wide-leg pants and jeans for curvy figures that are fun to style and have a carefree and totally comfortable look.

Wide leg jeans have such a relaxed look and are best styled with adorable crop tops and tighter-fitting tops that balance out the drama of the pants’ style. Wide leg jeans are a perfect wardrobe staple for the triangle-shaped girl because they can go from casual to dressy in an instant. Just throw on your favorite pair of chucks or get glam with some heels to upgrade your look in an instant.


While a petite body type refers more to your height that your curvy proportions, identifying styles that have a petite label can be the total key to how to find jeans that fit perfectly for you. Petite denim is proportioned for ladies who are in the 5’3” and under club, meaning you can do less jean cuffing and more strutting!

Use the above guide to finding jeans for curvy girls that fit your body type and then just add the word petite to your search to start discovering the perfect jeans for you.

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