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Plus size Layering Tips that Shouldn’t Add Bulk

Posted on 19 July 2018

Like most curvy women, you’ve probably been told that the layering trend is just not for you. After all, too much fabric will make you look bigger than you really are and cover up those assets, right? Wrong! With the correct pieces, this look can look lovely on any woman -- and we’re going to show you how.

Plus size layering is all about adding texture to your outfit without adding bulk. As you learn how to layer your clothes, you can create dynamic and fashionable looks that compliment your body and always keep you warm and cozy!

Use Thin Fabrics

Use breathable fabrics to avoid extra bulk. For example, extender tank tops are a great way to bring length and color to your outfit. These pieces are generally thin, so they won’t pile too much on your frame. What they will do is add dimension, making you look put-together and ready for the day. From here, you can try pairing a sleek blouse or tunic with a light cardigan, or try dressing up your tank tops with layers of jewelry!

Balance Your Look

Balance is one of the keys to plus size layering, as it will keep you from looking larger than you really are. If you wear too many layers, or too many loose pieces, you risk losing your shape under the fabric! So, when you want to wear a baggy top with a longer coat layered over it, pair the outfit with skinny jeans or leggings. Or, if you want to wear your comfiest, baggiest gaucho pants, wear a bodysuit or tighter-fitting shirt. This will allow you to have on multiple items while highlighting your assets.

Contrast Your Colors

Sometimes, there’s no avoiding the bulk. For example, when winter rolls around and you need to keep warm, you’re going to have to layer one bulky piece after another. The plus size layering tip here is to use contrasting colors.

If you’re wearing a black overcoat, try to pair it with a top from the lighter side of the color spectrum. Creating contrast in your look will help the eye differentiate between your layers and keep you from looking like a big, dark blob!

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion choices. Learning how to layer your clothes involves a lot of trial and error, so try on lots of different things until you find the look that suits you!

And remember: all the plus size layering tricks in the world aren’t as good for your look as confidence! Put on those tanks, those tunics, those kimono-style cardigans, and step outside with your head held high. When you think you look beautiful, it shows -- and everyone will agree!

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